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Slide Designer Furniture And Lighting

Slide Design Furniture

Slide is a furniture and lighting manufacturer and supplier based to the southwest of Milan. Their ranges encompass ultra modern luxury furniture and lighting suitable for a wide variety of environments. Furniture designs are fun, lightweight and colourful. Much of the lighting is moulded in white polyethylene although some ranges do have additional colour choices.

For adaptability the Tic Tac will allow you to relax and chill out on both indoors or out. A modern version of the traditional chaise longue it is composed of two separate pieces. Tic is the chair, Tac is a table. Joined or used separately, the choice is yours. When joined it has a gear that allows tilt adjustment. This is a particularly ingenious and adaptable piece.

Slide Tic Tac Chaiselongue Slide Dreamline Padded Chair

Dream Line is a up to date version of the classic lounger design. Its padded option has a large seat in synthetic leather with a base made of rigid polyurethane. Available in gloss or soft-touch lacquered finish this lounger is adaptable enough to grace home, garden, terrace, balcony or hotel lobby.

Cucun Light Dame of love pendant light Slide America Armchair Gelee Giotto Il Vaso Jet table Juxt Pendant, Hoop Table and Gloria Chair King Of Love Lamp

Slide Design Lighting

Slide lighting includes a traditional Davide design based on the Michelangelo sculpture of the same name which is available in luminous white or several lacquered finish colours. This is a great way to incorporate traditional design with modern innovation.

Slide Lamp David Bust

From their Geoline range you can choose Ovo, an oversized egg-shaped light for a fun and unusual addition to your space. It is a floor light made to make an impact.

Slide Dino Outside Lamp
Dino light Acqua globo BLN light Madame Of Love Lamp Brick floor lamp Cono In light Cubo Out light Cubo hanging light Cupole pendant light