interior decor and lighting from Barry Perrin

Showcase Interiors Using Modern European Design

In the projects section, our showcase interiors are of residential, commercial and venue decor, which highlights some of the many design pieces available from our suppliers.

These projects give unique insight into how the creator's plan filled the frame to be styled, yielding an elegant, colourful and functional design.

With many more of the Italian and Spanish designed interior accessories to choose from (a small selection can be seen in the furniture and lighting sections), the interior stylists presented an interesting array of colour, form and function to deliver their vision for the projects.

a selection of modern furniture from Italy

A Showcase Interior from Belta Frajumar

Our first image is from the online designer Belta Frajumar. Being a collaborative company, they enjoy the combined energies and input when creating new designs. Showcase interiors can easily be assembled from designs from one or other or both partners. In general Belta styles are more angular than those of Frajumar, whose designs tend have more flowing lines.

stylish modern lighting from our suppliers collections

A Showcase Interior from Lumen Center Italia

This piece from Lumen Center Italia is inspired by a city skyline and is appropriately named 'Skyline'. Reminiscent of the high rise building found in many modern major cities. It would grace many dining rooms, living spaces and bedrooms.

designer projects using lighting and furniture from our suppliers ranges

Another Interior Design from Belta Frajumar

A room with a fully glazed wall looking out on to a lawned area with trees. The furniture is classic Belta Frajumar and compliments the roomy interior design. This design would be possible in most reasonably sized living areas and would add a touch of class that just finishes any lounge or family room off. .

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