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Whether you are an Interior Designer working in the private/corporate/entertainment/hotel fields or a private individual looking to create a unique and up to the minute living area both indoors or out what do you look for to bring personality and cohesion into a space? Modern lights can make or break your vision and some of the finest styles available are designed and manufactured in Italy. As with many things in our world today the choice is limited only by your imagination.

modern lighting from Barry Perrin

Contemporary designs deserve contemporary solutions. Italian designer lighting made from materials such as steel, chrome and glass are modern and unique pieces that will grace any space, large or small.

To achieve a unique and distinctive style nothing creates ambience more than well chosen modern lights. From ceiling and wall lights; wall wash lighting, table and floor lamps you have at your disposal the means to bring your special touch to a project and see your ideas come alive. Consider lighting as the finishing touch, that special piece of ‘jewellery’ bringing a space to life. Sometimes less is more so choosing the right lights and the right combination of lights is vital to achieving a successful outcome.

Slide lighting from Barry Perrin

A night club or restaurant, an hotel lobby; your chill-out space or garden at home have different requirements and the lighting chosen largely depends on the mood you are seeking to create. You take into account the use of the space and the size of the areas you are working with. Size, colour, shape and scale are all important considerations. Modern lighting has clean lines and minimal fuss and the right choice will blend into a finished design rather than stand out.

Barry Perrin is the sole UK Agent for a number of prestigious Italian lighting companies such as Slide Design, Cattaneo Lumen Center Italia and Martinelli Luce so if you are ready to choose the modern lights for your project you are in the right place. Visit our lighting projects page for inspiration or click and browse the catalogue of your chosen company. If you have any questions, or would like advice/suggestions/recommendations contact Barry Perrin today and we will be happy to help.

Flat Saturn modern light

LumenCenterItalia Flat Saturn


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Bubbles lighting unit - modern lights

Cattaneo Lighting Bubbles


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Kaliedo modern lighting unit

Slide Design Lighting Kaleido


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Modern lights come as floor lamps Calabrone

Martinelli Luce Calabrone Floor Lamp


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