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Modern Lighting Projects From Italian Lighting Companies

Modern Lighting Projects

Since its inception over forty years ago the Cattaneo name has increasingly become synonymous with modern lighting of the highest standard. Based in Milan it prides itself on its unique ranges now gracing private homes, shops, offices and leisure outlets of all types around the world. All their designs originate from the hearts of their Italian creators.

Lighting is designed to create an ambience, make a statement or light the way. How about making a splash with this Macchia ceiling light? Modern and fun, yet unobtrusive it is at home in any situation. Here it completes the room with its simplicity. Subtle yet perfectly suited to this corridor with its wood panelling the Maniglia epitomises style and class. The Orbit is a perfect foil providing a striking, yet subtle influence on this finished room.

The Rise floor lamp has a diffused light with 360 degree rotation and its height is adjustable. A woven lampshade adds warmth and a burst of colour. Perhaps inspired by Star Trek the Uhura is indeed rather like a space ship or group of stars lighting the sky…or in this case the room. The unique Virgola has a perfect setting as this bedside light creating a gentle glow ideally suited to the bedroom. Wherever you choose to display the Waterfall in its various guises you can be sure of creating an impact. The Wave wall light in a choice of metal finishes has a diffused light that is a beautiful contrast for this dark wall and white sofa.

cat-macchia-ambi cat-maniglia-ambi cat-orbit-ambi-plaf cat-rise-ambi-terra cat-uhura-ambi-plaf cat-virgola cat-waterfall-ambi-sosp cat-waterfall-ambi-sosp-bis cat-wave-ambi-fotolia

Elegant Italian Lighting Events

Another company with a long history in the lighting industry and an increasing presence in the global market it is dedicated and passionate about its business. Crafting modern lighting not only for practical means but also to improve quality of life. They provide a lighting solution for all your precious moments from relaxation to dining and from work to leisure time. With their LED lighting gracing such masterpieces as those created by Da Vinci, Raffaello and Botticelli their success knows no bounds.

Which of these examples resonates with you and your lifestyle? How about the Flat Saturn ceiling light? Available in two ring versions with 3+6 or 6+12 lights or three ring version with 3+6+12. With its transparent power and suspension cables and dimmable option it truly allows you to create a combination ideal for you. When in place it truly will look as though it is floating in the air.

Why not create your own ceiling light configuration with the Domino? Each piece is an irregular hexagon with a light at its centre. Your design will be unique to you when you mix and match the shapes to suit your vision.

lcip-composit-foliage lcip-composit-icge-pend5 lcip-flat-saturn-ambient lcip-invito-evento-architectwork lcip-l+b-frankfurt lcip-l+b-frankfurt-2 lcip-l+b-frankfurt-3

Martinelli Luce:
Stylish Lighting Projects

Martinelli Luce having more than fifty years experience innovating and designing modern lighting systems for all situations. Its founder was Elio Martinelli whose passion for nature and geometry inspired the collections developed since inception. Over the years this company has won many awards and today the company remains in the family. It is constantly innovating and introducing new features based on technological advances.

Innovation personified they produce an electric track for spotlights and you get to chooses the spotlight design that best suits your space. Their lighting ranges are wide and varied and their reach has extended from a National Concert Hall to Shopping Centres; from a well known chain store to restaurants. This striking display at Café Nero is most definitely 21st Century in design. Its setting makes this choice ideal to create an instant impact and a welcoming aura for all guests.

National concert hall mlp-parco-levante-coop-livorno mlp-primark mlp-regio-nero mlp-ristorante-lo-scoglio

Slide Design:
Luxury Lighting Projects

Lighting designed to evoke emotional responses is the key to this modern lighting company and its philosophy. Practical, lightweight, colourful and inventive their lights are perfect for any environment inside or out.

As well as ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps they produce lighting cones, with shapes both standard and angled. What a way to welcome guests! You get to choose the colour best suited to your purpose. Their Geoline range would look equally at home along a driveway, around the pool, or garden pond and even in it. Cylindrical, square, rectangular, round and even egg-shaped these shapes look striking in white however you can chose different LED lighting to suit your mood.

slp-bar-cafe-restaurant-casacor-panama slp-bec-wedding-ceremony-kiev slp-collingwood-australia-jumbo-bar-corner slp-cuhop-cono