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Luxury Furniture Projects

Belta Frajumar

Italian & Spanish Luxury Designer Furniture

There is no disputing the class and imagination that is the Belta Frajumar collection. Belta (Spanish) first opened its doors in 2005 with Frajumar (Italian) launching in 1966. This luxury furniture specialist combined in 2010 and their joint expertise now offers the world a range of ultra modern and strikingly unique pieces. Currently having over 130 exclusive designs in their repertoire and exporting to 36 countries their products are gracing homes, hotels, restaurants, bars and lounges worldwide.

When seeking inspiration these completed projects show what can be done whatever the size and style of your property. The lounge furniture suggests a cosy yet structured look in this modern room. Sometimes less is more. Furniture selected by the Hard Rock Hotel is traditional in design yet oozing sophistication and elegant beauty. In contrast Nh Aranzazu and Bamboo Restaurant have opted for a look that is both contemporary and cutting edge.

Palladium Hotel in Palmyra have chosen an approach both modern and traditional at the same time. The chairs and sofa designs have a classic yet undeniably modern look. Combining styles and colour has achieved stunning results and who could resist spending time here in absolute comfort looking out at the sea view and palm trees? The Vincci Hotel lobby in Malaga opted for a neutral background and sofas in a darker shade. Their choice of armchairs however add a burst of colour both subtle and striking offering a chic and relaxing air. All in all, luxury furniture at its very best.

Frajumar lounge furniture Hard rock hotel Nh aranzazu Palladium hotel Palmyra Restaurant bamboo Lobby Vincci hotel Malaga

Unique Designs From Slide Design

Slide Design

Established in 2002 Slide introduced a fun and creative approach to the luxury furniture arena. Currently up to 85% of their revenue is gained from the overseas market. Lightweight, colourful and imaginative furniture and accessories ensure their products are suitable for any situation. From Copenhagen to Singapore; Geneva to Bucharest their reach is covering the globe.

Wherever you seek a style that is uniquely yours and ultra-modern browse the Slide catalogue and become immersed in a world of possibilities.

The Negozi-Aarhus Mall in Copenhagen chose a simple yet sophisticated combination of green and white to create a relaxing chill-out area whereas Aequitas in Bucharest opted for red and white designing an eye-catching meeting room which is both welcoming and uplifting. The open area at Modena Cars SA Ferrari in Geneva not surprisingly has a red theme with graceful flowing seating to make your waiting time a total pleasure. Balconies are the perfect place to indulge your senses and what better way than with timeless white furniture displayed to perfection. In keeping with its tapas theme this Asian restaurant in Singapore has combined two striking yet harmonious colours for their chairs balancing them with simple yet stunning white tables.

slp-kami-ichi-marc-sadler-poltrona-armchair-1 slp-kami-ichi-marc-sadler-poltrona-armchair-2 slp-negozi-aarhus-mall-copenhagen slp-notary-office-aequitas-trendfurniture-bucharest-romania slp-modena-cars-sa-ferrari-geneve-svizzera slp-rap-and-globo slp-vista-generai-sport valida grande slp-wellness-centro-terme-pausilya-posillipo-napoli slp-ristorante-atos-asian-tapas-singapore

Designs In Unusual Materials From Sagax


Sagax products are 100% Italian. Their commitment is to produce luxury furniture and accessories for a world-wide market using materials in harmony with the environment. Conservation is an important part of their philosophy. With this in mind their forward thinking and modern designs are often hand made. Why? Cement is becoming one of their materials of choice for seating, stools, tables and accessories. Because of its production process it is hand crafted into chair bases, stools, table tops and accessories making each piece totally unique. These long-lasting quality pieces are suitable indoors or out, for large contract projects or the home.

This neutral and understated completed project displays one of their cement pieces. Can you guess which? No, not the staircase. It is in fact the clock. Simple in design yet hand crafted from cement its size and individuality will create a talking point wherever it is displayed.

Sagax lounge furniture