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Cutting-edge design and technological evolution coupled with outstanding materials. Karboxx creations stand out for their modern and functional style and are designed to easily blend in with everyday surroundings. Karboxx is the ideal choice for anyone who recognises the importance of unique and timeless pieces with enduring style. A return to our roots, from skilled craftsmanship to hands-on experience with materials that has otherwise been forgotten. Unconventional materials that are technologically advanced and lightweight yet strong - translucent and reflective materials for decorative items able to create frequencies, lights and shadows that define the space around them.

The designer is an alchemist who merges and blends aesthetic values ​​and identities, experimenting with a new approach to light – an approach that is less conventional and more mindful.

Sun Pendant

sun pendant

The Sun Pendant is a suspended lamp made by slotting together 96 times very thin sheets of white, red, black textile fabric. Support in black-painted metal.

Tech Data

  • Either 50cm dia by 44cm h or 75cm dia by 66cm h, both with 14cm rose footprint and 240cm drop
  • 50cm unit Fluorescent 40w E27 or 16w E27 blend
  • 75cm unit Fluorescent 20w E27 or 10w E27 led
  • Available in red, black or white

Afra Pendant

afra pendant

Suspended lamp providing diffused light. Diffuser consisting of an externally acid-etched hand blown, flashed opaline glass available in white. Steel suspension cable. Ceiling ftting painted light grey. On request, decorative cap in black or beige.

Tech Data

  • 33cmx33cm with a rose footprint of 14cm and a 200cm drop
  • Fluorescent 23w E27 or 16w E27 led
  • A white acid etched glass with a cap in either black or beige

Tube Pendant

tube pendant

These are suspended lamps with metal structure with a carbon fibre or composite fibreglass painted finish.

Tech Data

  • The finishes come in white, red, green orange or silver, with an 8 cm rose footprint and a 240cm drop. E27 bulbs are used in all formats
  • Tube 30 dimensions 10cm dia x 30cm h pendant and takes either 75w halogen or 11w led
  • Tube 40 dimensions 14cm dia x 40cm h pendant and takes either 100w halogen, 23w fluorescent or 16w led
  • Tube 70 dimensions 14cm dia x 70cm h pendant and takes either 100w halogen, 23w fluorescent or 16w led

Peggy Floor Lamp

peggy floor lamp

Floor lamp with a sleek and streamlined shade. Available in fbreglass white, black with light grey hues or Jute natural, with base in chromed metal.

  • Dimensions are either 45cm dia by 32cm h with a 32cm base or 28cm dia by 32cm h with a 28cm base. Both at 174cm height overall
  • Both take either a 20w fluorescent or 10w led E27 bulb
  • Colours are white or black fibreglass, or natural jute

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