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Elesi Luce Designer E-Viva Lighting System

Presenting The Future Of Lighting Control

The E-viva lighting system, with its mix and match concept, is proven to grace any situation with modern lighting. To that end, the system has a lighting control to match the design. Your mobile phone or tablet controls the lighting functions for the E-viva track system, using their carefully coded app for IOS and Android operating systems. See more about this control below

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Elesi Luce

In 1997 Maurizio and Silvia Betteto began their dream. Elesi Luce Lighting was born in Trebaseleghe, Province of Padua, Italy. With its small but dedicated team led from the top its focus is on creativity, craftsmanship and unique lighting pieces designed to suit discerning clients.

With an industrial patent to its name the showcase E-Viva track system, brought to prominence in 2011, is designed for the modern world. The system is of futuristic design and with customer requirements in mind, the production team included an app to control various functions from tablet or mobile phone.

The E-viva track system is available in a choice of polished chrome, brushed steel or French gold. Glass shades have a choice of colours to suit your style.

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Light source LED pendant 'Pois' lamp 80cm

Known as ‘Pois’ this element has a glass base available in six colours. Choose from amber, black or silver foil, or maybe you prefer white, gold foil or red for a modern, striking look. With a width of 80cm and a drop of 120cm this will certainly create an impact.

A 20.5cm fixing support for ceiling

This fixing element of the system has a 20.5cm drop and has a simplistic but very modern design. Conceived as a mimimalist system support, this element does well to blend into the background, whilst playing its very important role. This is extended across the range of support elements for the E-viva track lighting system.

LED light source 22cm by 10cm

This minimalist and stylish light source is 44cm wide and 10cm high. An elegant LED lighting panel with twin lines of light, giving more diffused but bright ambience to the area being lit.

'Jesi' light pendant

A timeless lighting element keeping pace with lighting concepts, the glass shade of this design is available in eight colours ranging from striped red to gold foil. Called ‘Jesi’ the light has an IP20 rating and is non-dimmable.

E-viva Product Range

More information available in the product catalogue at Elesi Luce

project using e-vive track system LED track mounted lamp small LED track idea Another LED track layout corridor with E-vive LED track mounted lamp large LED track mounted lamp medium LED track mounted lamp LED track electrical tube 150cm tensioners for wall to wall fixing Eviva track design Plastic insulator for terminating electrical tube LED track electrical tube 105cm LED track mounted lamp for wall or ceiling LED track mounted lamp 'Look Me' LED track electrical tube 45cm LED track mounted lamp 5.5cm LED track mounted lamp LED track mounted wall lamp rotating connection 'T' junction 20cm e-viva track flexible connector 40cm e-viva track flexible connector 60cm e-viva track flexible connector 'T' Junction flexible connector 20cm main power line only 'T' Junction flexible connector 40cm main power line only 'T' Junction flexible connector 60cm main power line only e-viva 7cm track mount e-viva 5-90cm variable height track mount 2cm LED wall or ceiling lamp 3.4cm LED wall or ceiling lamp

Elesi Luce Lighting Control

Elesi light control app

In keeping with their desire for constant innovation and technological growth Elesi Luce have listened and responded to customer feedback by developing a Lighting App for both Android (version 4.3 and up) and iOS (8.0 and up).

It can be used on all mobile devices. This enables you, the user, to create a Smart Home with RGB control lighting and dynamic white.

You can switch on, intensify, change colour and switch off using your Lighting App to be welcomed home to a style that suits your mood.

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Available from App Stores such as Google Play Store and Apple iTunes

this App can be used on single or groups of Elesi Luce Lights from the E-viva system range. There are plans in the pipeline to expand its use to accommodate other Elesi lamps.

Constantly evolving this user-friendly option will continue to incorporate both improved technology and functionality.


Elesi Light has developed an App to respond to customer needs requiring light control from mobile devices .

Available for both iOS and Android, Elesi-App was created to control the lighting ambience in your environment. Currently for E-viva system though Elesi are planning to make available for other Elesi lamps. In 2017 Elesi is planning to increase the functionality also for RGB lighting sources and dynamic white. The Elesi Smart Control lighting app allows you to use Smart control for:

  • the intensity of the ambient lighting of individual or groups lights
  • the mood of the ambient lighting, again of individual or groups lights
  • the system on / off function
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