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You have the brief, the budget and you know the location. Where do you look for creative insight when undertaking an assignment for a client or for your own home? What are your first steps to bringing designer projects to life? Inspiration and visualisation are tools at your disposal.

Event using Slide furniture

Why is it so many people visit the Ideal Home Exhibition or Grand Designs Live annually? Why are magazines such as Ideal Home, Home and Garden and World of Interiors so popular? They incorporate ideas created by specialists and give you a chance to view the latest in interior and exterior design, setting your creative juices flowing. Whether you are a home owner not quite ready for that major project or an interior designer these shows and magazines provide an insight into future trends. A ready made platform for all your designer projects and a source of insight when you are looking for ideas.

Sagax lifestyle with cement clock and fabric sofa

One of the leading markets in furniture and lighting design and manufacture is Italy. Its range and diversity is influential in developing and pushing the latest in cutting edge technology. Companies such as Slide, Sagax and Belta Frajumar are Italian companies producing modern and innovative creations for the designer market.

Designer Furniture Companies

Slide have created a range of internal and external furniture made from plastic as well as furniture with built-in lighting ideal for a bar or night club, or even a man cave/social area in or outside your home.

Martinelli Luce lighting at the music lyceum

Sagax are particularly adventurous having now produced a range of furniture and accessories made with cement. This is a medium becoming increasing popular for walls and staircases; Sagax have taken it to the next level in ingenuity.

Belta Frajumar produce a range of stylish and modern lounge sofas and chairs offering comfort and clean lines. Using fabric as their base the colours and designs will bring class and luxury to any space. Their range of accessories provide an ideal complement to a neutral background.

Cattaneo, another Italian company that produces luxury designer furniture have a fine range of tables, chairs and more, to get the creative juices flowing in any modern interior design. Wherever they are used, Cattaneo luxury furniture is sure to wow the clientele.

Lumencenteritalia display at Frankfurt

Take a look at some of the modern furniture used in design projects.

Martinelli Luce and LumincenterItali are Italian lighting specialists with a huge range of modern designs from ceiling and wall lights to table and floor lamps. Wherever you want to create an impact their lights will work their magic. Your only decision is which to choose!

To see what we mean, see our modern lighting design projects.

Our Company

Barry Perrin is the sole UK Agent for all of these companies so you are in the right place to indulge your senses and make your visions a reality. Visit our Completed Designer Projects Pages for inspiration from each of these companies or click and browse the catalogue of your chosen company. If you have any questions/would like advice/suggestions/recommendations contact us today and we will be happy to help make your dream become a reality.

Cattaneo waterfall effect
Belta Frajumar furniture at the restaurant Bamboo Jamaica