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Elegant Italian Furniture From Italian & Spanish Designers

Italian & Spanish Luxury Designer Furniture From Belta Frajumar

Belta Frajumar, producer of elegant italian furniture and luxury spanish furniture, is the fusion of two distinct styles under one company. The styles are different, but complimentary, taking the company to a new level. The more angular style of the Belta designs contrast the rounded style of the spanish designers of Frajumar.

Compare the Arko and Delp armchair from the Belta stable

Belta Arko Armchair Belta Delp Armchair

with those of the Lase and Salo designs from Frajumar and you will see what we mean.

Frajumar Lase Armchair Frajumar Salo Armchair

This doesn't mean that you will not find examples in either catalogue which will buck the trend but this tends to marry the two style lines more closely, and allows the designer to interchange ranges of the luxury furniture to suit the project, if necessary.

Belta Luna Table Frajumar Sail Table Belta Blom Armchair Frajumar Vera Armchair Belta Wing Sofa Belta Moka Sofa Frajumar Armchair Belta Agol Table Frajumar Alo Table