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Belta Frajumar designer furniture website
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The Blank Canvas...Now What?

Whether you are an Interior Designer preparing for your next big project in the corporate/leisure/entertainment or private arena, or an individual looking to create a haven of style and sophistication in your home - where do you look for inspiration for your interior design pieces?

Starting at the beginning……you have the space. You know its size, shape and ultimate use. A blank canvas if you like. You create a Vision Board using examples of materials, furniture styles, lighting and accessories; you highlight colour and shape. Where do you look to source the pieces to complete your project design?

Each luxury design company has their own individual approach to modern furniture, lighting and accessories giving you a choice that can be mind-blowing - unless you take it step by step. Choosing your interior design pieces carefully will ensure a stunning and unique end result.

Italian and Spanish design and manufacturing companies are among the best in the world and have earned a reputation for quality, elegance and innovation.

If you want to order or discuss any of the items shown here then please contact Barry Perrin, the sole UK agent for all the companies below, on 01992 611415 or 07736 616639

Belta Frajumar...

...are an Italian/Spanish furniture and accessory company collaboration. Belta (Italian) and Frajumar (Spanish) specialise in a range of fabrics for their sofas and chairs. Marble, wood, metal and glass are the materials of choice for accessories designed to complement and harmonise.

Their style is both modern and traditional at the same time. Clean unfussy designs are a hallmark of their style. They created a range of side tables that has both simplicity and flair. For something completely different check out their Pent modular system .

Belta Frajumar designer furniture website

Pent modular tables

It is rather like a jigsaw puzzle only this one has many possible outcomes. Created from pentagonal pieces of Ash Wood it provides a look only limited by your imagination. Have each piece customised as an ottoman, add material, mix and match wood and material. It then becomes a multi-functional piece usable in a wide variety of locations.

Are you looking for an armchair with a totally unique design?

Belta Frajumar toupie armchair

Toupie armchair

The Toupie could fit the bill. Its swivel high-backed design is created from metal with a padded exterior and is available in a variety of textiles and colours.


...are taking innovation to a new level with their cement chairs

Sagax Step Cement Chair

Sagax Step Cement Chair

and wall clock created in cement. These unusual interior design pieces use marble is used as the basis for the cement.

Sagax Time Cement Cased Clock

Sagax Time Cement Clock

They produce chairs, tables and stools ideally suited for any situation indoors or out.


...are a prestige Italian lighting company with products suitable for every situation. Choose different styles for an eclectic look or harmonise wall and ceiling lights. Their Carrie range can be found in wall fitting, ceiling fitting and as table lamps for a co-ordinated look.

Cattaneo Carrie table lamp

Cattaneo Carrie Table Lamp

Its design is plain and unfussy yet tactile and stylish. View their Bamboo floor and ceiling lights.

Bamboo style lighting

Cattaneo Bamboo Fitting

Ideal when you want a glow rather than bright light. The bamboo ceiling range is available in three shapes to accommodate any situation.

Slide Design...

... are an Italian luxury design company who manufacture and produce unique ultra-modern and colourful furniture, lighting and accessories. Some of their lights and furniture have a huge sense of fun.

Take a look at Madame Of Love, a fun floor lamp for any living space.

Madame Of Love Floor Lamp

Slide Madame Of Love Floor Lamp

or the Duke Of Love low table, both from the ostentatious Design Of Love collection and both available from the italian furniture UK agent, Barry Perrin.

Duke of Love by Slide

Duke Of Love By Slide

Both will instantly create talking points with their ingenuity and adaptability.

The Tao coffee table is structured and fluid at the same time.

Tao table by Slide

Slide Tao Table

It is available in several colours and will look equally at home in a variety of settings.

Martinelli Luce...

...produce designer lighting suitable for interior and exterior use. Bring a touch of individuality to your conservatory or garden room by adding Swallow track lighting for a quirky and playful look?

Swallow track light

Martinelli Luce Swallow Track Light

. A design 50 years old and counting is the Pipistrello table lamp.

Pipstrello LED Table Lamp

Pipstrello LED Table Lamp

This long-lived design has recently been brought bang up to date with the introduction of LED technology.

Lumen Center Italia

For either a contemporary or traditional look in lighting browse Lumen Center Italia catalogue. Indoors or out you are sure to find the ideal solution for your requirements with wall, ceiling, table and floor lamps all catered for. Your only decision is to choose the ones that best suit your project. For a supremely modern look yet part of their classic range the Washington LED table lamp is timeless and oozing style.

Washington Table Lamp

Washington Table Lamp

For a touch of the natural world the Coral range is both colourful and modern.

Coral Light Fitting

Coral Light Fitting

The Interior Design Pieces...

.... that create the end result of your vision, are many and varied. If you are designing an italian look and working in Great Britain, then call Barry Perrin on 01992 611415 for any of the pieces shown here and so much more. Remember Barry Perrin, Italian furniture UK agent on 01992 611415. Design