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Modern Designer Brands From Italy And Spain

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Slide Illuminated Furniture
Slide Design Italy Is an entirely Italian reality, established in 2002, taking advantage of the 30 year long know-how of Giò Colonna Romano in manufacturing plastic resins, acquired through the earlier experiences in the house-ware and gardening sector to the innovative luminous and colourful products with clean and ironic design from the SLIDE Collection.More...

The products, are made in polyethylene with the rotational moulding process and are characterised by an exceptional use of light, ideal for indoors and outdoors and scenographic events.

Items often spring from collaborations with internationally acclaimed designers including, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Paola Navone, Marc Sadler, Alessandro Mendini, Stefano Giovannoni and Denis Santachiara, committing to the objective of creating a quality products conquering a medium to top segment of the market.

designer lighting brands by MartinelliLuce
Designer Lighting by Martinelli Luce Martinelli Luce represents more than fifty years of history dedicated to the production of lamps and lighting systems.More...

Martinelli Luce was founded in 1950 thanks to the intuition and the desire of Elio Martinelli to build his own lighting fixtures to be used in commercial establishments that took care of the design.

So he began to create a vast production of lamps for interiors, with more and more attention for different contest: residential and commercial spaces.

E-viva track lighting system from Elesi Luce
Design furniture by Belta Frajumar 1997 saw the foundation of a lighting company destined to be one of the forerunners of Italian Lighting. Over twenty years later, Elesi Luce is pushing the boundaries once again with the innovative track lighting system, called E-viva. Founded with a small team, owners Maurizio and Silvia, have innovated through creativity and craftsmanship, that is admired and sought after the world over.More...

Their unique and thoroughly modern approach to Italian lighting style has earned them high praise from their discerning clients. Following the introduction of the showcase E-viva track system in 2011, its modern sleek look is complemented by the modern control system operated from the client's mobile phone or tablet through an innovative app.

modern designer brands from Belta Frajumar
Design furniture by Belta Frajumar Born through the desire of combining design and innovation, Beltá has quickly become a active player for the vanguard furniture field in national and international markets. Our productive processes have the most advanced manufacturing tradition that we join with our craft and familiar tradition to obtain the optimum quality in our models.More...

We are certificated by the demanding quality regulation of ISO 9001. Beltá is committed to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly community, ISO 14001.

We invest in research in order to obtain materials and processes creating efficiency and effectiveness. A part of our resources are devoted to projects for social purposes.

Stylish italian lighting by Masiero


Stunning genuine italian lighting from Masiero. Creations that spring from the imagination and craftsmanship of skilled Italian artisans .More...

Creations who can fit in a wide variety of interior settings, as protagonists. Aesthetic research continues, careful selection of materials , accurate execution of finishes : all this allows us to offer products of high quality , which are always made exclusively in Italy and in Europe.

Guaranteed by the confidence that the name Masiero lighting in several decades has been able to win at an ever-growing clientele.

Lumencenteritalia lighting
LumenCenterItalia Formed in 1976, Lumencenteritalia is a big laboratory of research, design and production of light fittings. Its vocation for contemporary design and its international markets orientations has faraway origins: the company was born as Lumen Center France in La Fare-les-Oliviers, with an important lighting collection of French designers. More...

It becomes later Lumen Center Italia strengthening its core business, growing and pushing itself up to the Far East with the newborn Lumen Center Japan.

Always dedicated to quality, Lumen Center Italia is a place where connections between man and light are studied, a place where new technologies are tested through an innovative use of light sources which improve quality of life and accompany different moments, from relaxing to work, from cultural enjoyment to food.